DeMaagd Accessories: AIS-FLAT Sony Active Interface Shoe to Universal Shoe Adapter


Sony Active Interface Shoe to Flat Universal Shoe Adapter

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AIS-FLAT Price: $29.99 each + S&H. AIS-FLAT in the Web Store

Supports the use of standard shoe-mounted accessories on Sony's latest camcorders.

Camcorder is showm for illustration purposes only. The adapter
is powder coated, but is shown as bare aluminum for clarity.

This adapter allows the use of a universal shoe compatible device on a Sony camcorder that has the Active Interface Shoe (AIS). It is currently the lowest profile AIS adapter available. This adapter does not provide electrical or audio connections to the camcorder though the AIS socket.

The part weighs about 2oz or 50g.

This product is specifically designed for Sony's AIS, it will not likely work with any other camcorder brand's proprietary shoe.

Compatible with Sony HDR-HC1, HC3, HC5, HC7, UX1 and SR1. The HVR-A1 is compatible, but not advised because it requires the user to disconnect the XLR block.

Collection of this list continually ongoing. It is not exhaustive. If you wish to report an error, add a clarification, or to add a camcorder model to this list, please click here to email a report.

This item includes an aluminum "FLAT" single-point universal shoe adapter, washers and a custom manufactured insert post designed for the AIS socket.

Instructions for the AIS-CUBE and AIS-FLAT.

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