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PROAT Tripod Adapter

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Price: $49.99 each + S&H.
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This is similar to the other large tripod adapter, but it also features a mount point for accessories that would normally screw into a camcorder's tripod mount, such as the Canon SA-1 and Bescor VB-50 camera shoe adapters shown in the pictures. The first picture below shows the Canon adapter, the second picture shows the Bescor. This adapter bracket is also compatible with, but not shown, are Sony HVL-20DMA dual light, Sony HVL-IRM Nightshot Video Light and Sony VCT-S30L Cold Shoe Adapter.

This adapter allows the video tape to be removed from the HDR-HC1 and HVR-A1 series camcorders to remain attached to large tripod heads, such as the Bogen / Manfrotto 501, 503 and similarly large tripod heads, and any smaller tripod head where the pan arm or other part of the head may interfere with the operation of the smaller adapter. All of my adapters allow for easy tape removal.

The adapter is sturdy and light aluminum with a durable satin black powder coat.

The part weighs about 13oz or 370g.

This adapter should work with all tripods whose heads use the 1/4"-20 type mounting screw thread. This adapter also accomodates tripods and other components that have an alignment pin in front of the mount screw. If its mounting screw already fits the camera, then it should work with this adapter.

While this adapter is specifically designed for Sony's HDR-HC1 and HVR-A1, it will also work with many other bottom loading camcorders.

Other known compatible Sony camcorders:

*Please make a note of this model in your order if you are plan to use this adapter for this camcorder. One part is different to maximize compatibility.

Incompatible Camcorders:
Canon HV10 - HV10-SHIM, PROT-MINI or PROAT-MINI is recommended.
Canon, ZR200, ZR40, ZR500 - PROT-MINI or PROAT-MINI is recommended.
Panasonic PV-DV951D - mountable surface is blocked by door arrangement. An alternative product may be considered, there is no timeline yet.

Many of these models were reported by customers and may not have been tested directly by DM-Accessories. Other camcorders may work, the only reason they are not listed is the compatibility has not been reported. If you wish to report an error or to add a camcorder to this list, please click here to email a report. If you would like to be certain of compatibility before purchasing, please send an email to this address for specific instructions. In short, a scan of the bottom face of the camcorder is needed.

The plates and screws to assemble the adapter shown, and simple installation instructions. The buyer will need one flat head (also called sloted or standard) screwdriver (not included) to assemble the adapter. Once assembled, no tools are necessary to use the adapter.


Note for modem users: The instructions will take a while to download because I use large pictures for best clarity when printed.

For The PROT and PROAT Camcorder Adapter

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