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[2007 Nov 13]:
This page has not been updated much lately, and I apologize for that. All the latest products and information is at the Web Store.

[2007 Feb 6]:
New Web Store. We are trying out a web store service to see if it will work better. Please feel free to send your comments regarding the new web store. We will keep both going for as much as two months to see which will be better for the long term.

[2006 Dec 11]:
A new SHIM product specifically for the Canon HV10 is now available, please click HV10-SHIM. The PROT-MINI and PROAT-MINI are also available for the HV10 and other ultra-compact miniDV & HDV camcorders.

[2006 Oct 23]:
A video was made to show how to remove the lid for the AIS socket in the Sony HC1 camcorder, should you not want it in the way. This is not necessary for the use of the AIS-FLAT, but it does make the camera more manageable and less cluttered. While the process is safe for the user and camcorder, the video is provided only on the condition that DM-Accessories is not held responsible for any damage done to the camcorder. The video requires Quicktime or the VLC player. If you have iTunes installed, then you already have Quicktime. The video link is here. Right click and select "save as" to download a copy, or simply click if you just want to watch it.

Product Categories

Bottom Loading Camcorder Adapters
Camera Shoe Accessories & Adapters
Accessory Mount Bars
Camcorder Compatibility Lists

Bottom Loading Tripod Adapters
Allows the use of a tripod with a bottom-loading camcorder and still retain easy tape and battery access.

Who are buying these? Anyone that needs a quick tape change to minimize the chance of losing precious footage, be it for home movies or professional recordings, be they sporting events, music recitals, concerts, weddings, nature, family & recreational activities, etc.

Shoe Adapters
Allows the use of common universal shoe-mounted devices with a camcorder or other devices.

Accessory Bars
Allows the use of common universal shoe-mounted devices with a camcorder or other devices.

Camcorder & Adapter Compatibility List
Canon HV10
Sony HDR-HC1
Sony HVR-A1
Sony CCD-TRV and DCR-TRV Series

Discontinued Items

All Products:

Return conditions
If the tape cannot be safely ejected or inserted without unmounting the camcorder, or if the camcorder or tripod malfunctions as a result of using the adapter, I will either exchange the mount for a custom one that will work for your tripod, or accept a return and refund your money. The part must be in resalable condition for a full refund or full exchange. The time limit is 30 days from receiving the adapter. Shipping cost is not refundable.

All amounts are in US dollars. Orders paid by Credit Card, Paypal, cashier's checks and money orders are shipped as soon as possible. Orders paid by business or personal checks are shipped after the check clears. A full credit card merchant account is in the works. Currently, credit cards are accepted through Paypal.

Shipping Terms
Overseas shipping is available.

I reserve the right to not ship to an alternate address. Please contact me if you need this. I generally ship the next business day after payment clears for domestic orders, international orders may take an extra business day for handling as I would need to personally visit the post office.

Other products are coming soon!

I plan to keep expanding and improving my line of accessories, more camcorder accessories and also for computers as well.

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