Product Instructions

To download, right click and select the "save as", "save link as" command or similar, the command's name will vary between browsers. To open in a new browser window, just click the link.

Note for modem users: The instructions may take a while to download because large pictures are used for best print clarity. If you need downsized instructions, please let me know.

AIS-FLAT 1.0 MB download

AIS-CUBE 1.1 MB download

FX1-FLAT 1.1 MB download

GEN-SHIM 0.7 MB download

HC1-SHIM 2.4 MB download

LED-10-LENS 0.3 MB download

PROAT 1.2 MB download

PROAT-MINI 1.2 MB download

UNI-FLAT and UNI-CUBE 8.0 MB download