Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ship overseas?

The web store offers shipping to over 80 countries. More countries can be added on request.

Q: Does the HC1-SHIM work on a (tripod / head model here)?

Usually, I don't know for sure. There are so many tripods and heads available, and I cannot possibly find, buy or measure them all. Only rarely is there enough available information about the head that I can answer without your help. HC1-SHIM should work on any head that has a distance of 2.25" or 57mm from the center screw to the right face of the head without having to eject the quick release plate. If you allow for ejecting the quick release plate from the tripod, then almost any tripod with a 1/4"-20 mount screw should work.

Q: Does the HC1-SHIM work on a (insert camcorder model here)?

No. HC1-SHIM is very specifically designed for HDR-HC1 and HVR-A1U camcorders. Making a generic version of that style isn't feasible because battery locations and tape door outlines vary widely between many camcorders. I do have a limited number of a generic model shim adapter, but it isn't stable for table top use.

Q: Do you have a SHIM for (insert camcorder model here)?

Other than the one for HCV10 and the generic model (GEN-SHIM), if it isn't listed, I don't have one ready. I might considering developing more models.

Q: Can you make a SHIM for (insert camcorder model here)?

Yes, but to make it worthwhile, I need at least ten more confirmed buyers willing to put down 50%, plus an eleventh person that is willing to loan that model camcorder for a week for design and test fitting. The owner of the loaned camcorder would get a SHIM for free. For most camcorders, I would expect that the final cost would be $30 + S&H.

Q: Can you make (insert product idea here)?

Maybe. It depends on my estimation of feasibility, cost and market.

Q: I have an idea on how the product can be improved.

Feedback is accepted! Several times, the the products have been improved based on user comments, given direct and from various internet forums.

If you have a question or comment, please click here to email. In the body, please state your question or comment clearly. If it concerns a specific camera, tripod or tripod head, please email the appropriate model numbers. Your email address will not be sold, given away or otherwise redistributed, and you will not be contact unless in the manner requested or with email pertenant to your request.